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ADIOS 2018! (HOLA 2019!)

First, we would like to thank all of you, our fans, for being there! This band is still alive (and kickin'!) because of you. We love playing music for you the listeners, the dancers, the musicians, los salseros, the catz, and for everyone who loves a live band that can deliver!

This year we will be ringing in the new year at "The River Center" in Des Moines, IA.

 We want to thank Michael LaValle,  Melissa Vine of Vine Chromatic Agency and many others who helped organize this event and asked us to be the entertainment for this yearly celebration at one of Des Moines' most amazing and historical,  new event location! We hope to see many new and familiar faces!

Today's OAM (Orquesta Alto Maiz) is more about the music than the band. There are so many talented musicians out there, we wish we could have all of them in the band! Since we can't do that, we do the next best thing which is to rotate them into the band from time to time so you get to experience what we already know to be some of the absolute best musicians around.

Among the new talent you will hear with us is Maurice Artiaga, born in Havana, Cuba. He came to us after having spent many years teaching percussion and performing in Mexico City for a number of years. He is a fantastic conguero who infuses the band with and unparalleled level of authenticity in his drumming and as he takes on the role of background singer.

He's a gem of a guy and we hope he will be with us for a very long time!















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